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After An Accident With A Commercial Driver, Seek An Attorney’s Counsel

Commercial vehicles include large semi trucks, but there are many other types, as well. After an accident involving a commercial vehicle, the legal legwork involving insurers and responsible individuals and companies can be challenging for an injured person or their family to understand.

The good news after a commercial vehicle accident is that there are usually good insurance resources available. However, the difficulty for a plaintiff in a personal injury case is that the responsible company or companies typically put up aggressive defenses to avoid paying out any more benefits than they have to. This is a time when it is clearly important to seek a lawyer’s help.

At Marker & Crannell, we have ample experience pursuing compensation in commercial accident cases such as the following:

  • Representing the driver of a commercial vehicle (such as a taxi or delivery truck) who has been injured in a crash with a semi truck or any other vehicle or stationary object
  • Representing private individuals such as occupants of personal passenger cars that collide with commercial vehicles

No matter what your position is in a commercial vehicle crash, we urge you to contact us to evaluate your case and advise you on how to pursue the compensation you deserve.

Defining ‘Commercial Vehicles’

Any vehicle that is titled or registered to a company rather than an individual is a commercial vehicle. Individuals also sometimes use their personal vehicles for commercial purposes, in which case we can also consider those to be commercial vehicles for the sake of this discussion.

Examples of commercial vehicles include semis, box trucks, pickup trucks used for business, step vans, cargo vans, passenger vans, buses, motor coaches, shuttle minibuses, and specialty vehicles such as tow trucks, those used to haul heavy equipment, utility trucks, rental cars, taxis, and other types of vehicles used for commercial purposes

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) more narrowly defines commercial vehicles as those with the following characteristics that are used on interstates to transport property or people for pay:

  • They can carry property weighing 10,000 pounds or more
  • They may transport hazardous materials
  • They are designed to carry 9-15 passengers or 16 or more passengers transported by drivers with commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs)

Accidents happen between commercial vehicles and passenger cars, and between commercial vehicles and semi trucks, for many reasons, including:

  • Visibility problems
  • Cargo shifts
  • Driver errors, including speeding and distracted, aggressive or impaired driving
  • Bad weather, poorly maintained roads and/or insufficient signage

No matter how your accidental injury happened in a crash involving a commercial vehicle, your challenge now is to recover the compensation you should receive from any relevant commercial or corporate entities. That’s where Marker & Crannell comes in.

How Our Local Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You

At our firm, we are proud to serve people throughout the western suburbs of Chicago and the entire metro area as well as statewide. We often represent people who have been injured in commercial vehicle accidents.

When the person who is injured is the driver of the commercial vehicle or is otherwise driving for their work, we may help them with a worker’s compensation claim.

When we represent private individuals in passenger cars that collided with commercial vehicles, we fight hard for their right to compensation. We are very confident going up against large companies and insurance companies.

Schedule A Free Consultation With One Of Our Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Our firm features local Naperville personal injury lawyers. We are familiar with the traffic patterns and courts in this area. We have helped many of our clients get remarkable financial recoveries, aiding in their physical recoveries.

To schedule a free consultation about your commercial vehicle accident, injuries and potential legal claim(s), reach out to Marker & Crannell in an email message or by phone at 630-912-6009 to put  your name on our calendar. If you would like to waive the initial intake process, you may consider the option of completing this form prior to our meeting.