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After A Construction Site Accident, Lawyers At Marker & Crannell Will Investigate

Our workplace attorneys are ideal resources for construction workers and other people injured at construction sites in Naperville, other western Chicago suburbs and throughout the metro area.

Our extensive experience in both workers’ compensation and personal injury claims has given us the knowledge and tools to build strong construction accident injury cases for our clients. Often, we find that injured workers have two paths to financial recovery:

  • A workers’ compensation claim that can go into effect immediately, providing quick access to medical care and more
  • A third-party liability claim, when a responsible person or company, such as a tool manufacturer that is not the employer, is held accountable through a product liability claim or personal injury lawsuit

We urge you to contact our Naperville firm if you were injured on the job at a building site or road construction site. Get in touch with our workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyers to learn how we can help you with your workers’ comp claim now as well as over time while preparing to sue a third party if applicable in your case.

Common Causes Of Construction Site Injuries

We are local trial lawyers with more than 35 combined years of experience. We are available and ready to investigate your case immediately and thoroughly if you were injured at a building site because of the following:

  • A scaffold fall
  • A machinery accident
  • A fall involving a collapsed structure
  • An explosion or fire
  • A trip-and-fall injury involving debris at the job site

If your loved one died due to electrocution or another disaster on the job, we will pursue similar paths to resolution through:

  • A claim for workers’ compensation death benefits for qualifying next-of-kin
  • If applicable, a wrongful death claim against a third party

The sooner we begin the investigation after the accident, the more likely it is that we will have the chance to discover and prove one or more third parties liability. At the same time, we will be available as advocates in your workers’ compensation if necessary.

Get Legal Help Now

We understand what a difficult time this is for you and your family if you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one in a construction site accident. We are confident that we can make a difference in your overall financial recovery.

To schedule a free consultation with one or more of our attorneys, call 630-912-6009 or send an inquiry today so we can add your name to our calendar. If you would like to skip the initial intake process, you have the option to complete this form prior to our meeting.

We will represent you on a contingency basis. You will not owe attorney fees until we recover compensation for your injuries and losses.