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About Our Attorneys And Law Firm

Marker & Crannell’s legal team in their office: Beth, Marisol, Adam, Maritza, Ashley, Ari, Jason, and Jonathan

Marker & Crannell has been a Naperville personal injury law firm since 2013, but our lawyers have more than 50 combined years of experience.

Meet Our Attorneys

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Our attorneys’ commitment to the firm’s clients and neighbors is strong and comes from lifelong convictions. Jason’s fascination with the legal field began as a child as he saw his grandfather fighting to keep a piece of property the government was in the process of taking. “It showed me just how important having a good attorney is and the impact they [can] have on everyone’s life.” Since his elementary school days, Jonathan was told that he had an aptitude for a career practicing law because of his passion for debating complex issues. “I always got excited about engaging with others, challenging perspectives, and occasionally changing some minds.” Adam is the son of Polish immigrants, both of whom he credits with instilling in him a solid work ethic while he watched his mother and father sacrifice for a better life. As Partners, both Jason and Jon were raised and currently live in Naperville. They know the people in this area, the doctors, professionals, and other community members you will need for assistance as you navigate an injury case. Jason and Jon also believe in giving back to their community and have a reputation for serving others.

Meet Our Professional Staff

Our attorneys work alongside our dedicated professional staff to provide compassionate and personalized legal services to our clients.

Together, we are committed to the highest caliber legal advocacy.

Our Law Practice Covers A Wide Range Of Accidents And Injuries

Everything we do at Marker & Crannell is aimed at helping our clients recover compensation after suffering injuries in the following ways:

Explore Your Legal Options After An Accidental Injury

We resolve many injury claims through settlement negotiations, mediation and arbitration. However, we prepare every case as if for trial, and sometimes take cases before judges and juries. An initial consultation followed by a thorough investigation sets the scene for our clients’ successful recoveries whenever possible. Initial consultations are free. To schedule a consultation, call 630-912-6009 or send an inquiry by email. Spanish-speaking and Polish-speaking lawyers are ready to converse in those languages as needed. We will arrange for interpreters as needed for clients with other first languages. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing how our personal injury team can start working on your case right away without upfront costs for you.

Our firm is successful over others because we prepare every case for trial from the day you are represented. Preparing every case for trial means we go the extra mile to visit the site of an accident, take or find pictures or video, and even talk to witnesses or physicians. This policy has generated jury awards and settlements – that so far – are unmatched by other firms. An initial consultation is followed by a thorough investigation and plan of action. Thereafter, our team will help navigate you through medical treatment, lost wages, payment of bills, and communication with outside sources. Our team will have your back throughout the process, all the way to settlement or a trial if needed.