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After A Car Accident In The Western Suburbs Of Chicago Or Anywhere Statewide

No matter how your car accident happened, your pathway to physical and financial recovery may be full of struggles and losses, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Pain and suffering

Discovering the right way to obtain compensation can be a challenging but essential road ahead. Getting legal advice is important, especially when the stakes are extra high after a severe or catastrophic injury or after a fatality. That’s why we help you get access to your accident report even before you decide to work with us.

Most people do not have the detailed knowledge and experience that is necessary to navigate communications with law enforcement agents, medical providers and insurance companies without losing out on proper and well-deserved compensation. At Marker & Crannell in Naperville, we are ready to determine and document how your accident happened and help you maximize your recovery.

Our Naperville And Aurora Car Accident Lawyers Will Investigate Your Car Accident And Injuries

Auto accidents are a painful and ever-present problem in our modern life. Although safety features in both cars and trafficways have improved over time, crashes still occur, primarily because of human error. Heavy traffic, ineffective drivers, and bad weather all contribute to the occurrence of car accidents and resulting injuries

If, while investigating your case, we find that someone else – such as another driver or a government body responsible for road maintenance – was negligent, your personal injury case will have a solid footing. Common causes of vehicle accidents in the Chicago area and elsewhere include:

  • Excessive speed
  • Sudden lane changes, unsignaled turns and other traffic law violations
  • Driver distraction
  • Traffic congestion and/or work zones contributing to sudden starts and stops
  • The presence of different vehicle types in Chicago and interstate traffic, including motorcycles and large trucks

Other trends that lead to car accident injuries include

  • The higher incidence of fatalities among occupants of cars who were not wearing seatbelts
  • Hazards associated with pedestrians and bicyclists along roadways
  • The dangers of defective car parts, such as tires, signal lights, brakes, steering mechanisms, and seatbelts

All discoverable details may matter during an investigation after a crash. The liable party or parties may include one or more other drivers, a car manufacturer or a city or county that did not properly maintain a road where an accident happened.

When you work with a personal injury lawyer at Marker & Crannell, you do not have to worry about legal fees for the investigation. That’s because we represent people on a contingency basis. Our payment comes as a percentage of the final payout of a verdict or settlement, so there is no need to tally up hours of attorneys’ time when you entrust your case to our guidance.

Work With A Trial Lawyer To Maximize Your Recovery After A Car Accident In Illinois

We are confident in our reassurance that your case will be in good hands when Marker & Crannell is your personal injury firm. In 2022 alone, our firm collected $ 1 million in excess recoveries for our clients, $700,000-plus of which was by jury trial verdict.

When selecting your representation, don’t hire a settlement artist. The only way to get full and fair compensation for your damages is to hire a trial lawyer. If we settle your case, the attorney fees are 1/3 of the recovery. If we go to trial and get a jury verdict, the attorney fees don’t increase; they are still 1/3 of the recovery.

Fewer than 1% of claims go all the way to trial in Illinois. We don’t go to trial on every case, but we try enough cases that insurance companies take us seriously. They know that we know what we’re doing, we get good results, and we’re not afraid to put our cases in a jury’s hands.

If you hire an attorney who doesn’t try cases, your case’s value will be set by the insurance company. Hire us, and we’ll tell you the real value, and we won’t settle for less…unless you want to do so. To settle or not settle is always a client’s decision.

Turn To Our Car Accident Attorneys In Naperville, Serving Aurora And Beyond

Were you or was your loved one injured in a car or truck accident of one of these types on a city street or area highway or interstate?

  • Head-on collision
  • Rear-end collision
  • Sideswipe
  • T-bone accident
  • Hit-and-run accident – possibly a one-car accident with a runaway vehicle that caused the crash
  • Multivehicle accident
  • Car-bus accident
  • Bicycle or pedestrian accident
  • Rideshare vehicle accident

No matter how the accident happened, we are ready to apply our extensive knowledge and experience to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Free Consultations With Our Car Accident Lawyers In The Naperville-Aurora Area

Initial meetings with our attorneys are free and you will not pay lawyers’ fees until you receive a settlement or verdict payout. Call us at 630-912-6009 or send an email inquiry to get your name on our booking calendar. If you would like to skip the initial intake process, you have the option to complete this form prior to our meeting.

After your initial no-cost consultation with members of our personal injury team, we will obtain and send you a free police car accident report if one is available.