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Pursue Compensation After Sexual Abuse

Definitions of sexual abuse in Illinois include the following:

  • Criminal sexual abuse, involving (1) acts of force and/or when the perpetrator knows the victim cannot give knowing consent or (2) penetration or sexual conduct with a minor
  • Aggravated criminal sexual abuse, involving bodily harm and/or the use of or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, administration of drugs and/or the commission of another felony in connection with the sexual abuse

After you or your child has been the target of sexual abuse, you may wonder what legal pathways are available to pursue all available justice. The criminal justice system may address the criminal nature of sexual abuse, but the one who was abused also continues to suffer. A lawsuit against responsible individuals and/or institutions may bring consolation as well as much-needed financial help.

At Marker & Crannell, we respectfully and diligently pursue compensation for our clients who have suffered sexual abuse in:

  • Schools
  • Athletic organizations
  • Religious institutions
  • Scouting organizations
  • Nursing homes
  • Other contexts

Let us assist you in your pursuit of justice, which may include criminal justice as well as compensation through a personal injury claim for your expenses, pain and suffering.

What To Do After Suffering Sexual Abuse

Telling someone in confidence that you have been abused can be a first step toward healing. A counselor, doctor or law enforcement officer may be that person. We also recommend that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible for guidance on how to protect your right to pursue compensation.

Rest assured that if you consult with us after suffering from sexual abuse in a scouting troop or any other set of circumstances, we will address your concerns compassionately as well as methodically with an eye on pursuing justice for you.

Medical and police records, as well as eyewitness testimony, may be important to your civil case in pursuit of compensation. Sexual abuse often happens without eyewitnesses present, but reports that you give to people close to you soon afterward can help prove your case. An attorney can guide you on the most effective ways to manage communication with other people about your painful experience.

Get The Legal Counsel You Need To Pursue Compensation After Sexual Abuse

Our trial lawyers are experienced and persistent in achieving financial relief for people targeted with child sexual abuse, elder sexual abuse and other types.

For the legal advice that you need after the injustice of sexual abuse, call 630-912-6009 or send an email to get your name on our calendar. If you want to skip the initial intake process, you have the option of completing this form prior to our meeting.