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Know the steps and the details of a workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Illinois workers who are injured on the job will understandably be concerned about their health and finances. Workers’ compensation benefits are available to help them recover physically, emotionally and financially. However, it is important to remember the steps in the process and how long it generally takes.

Understand the workers’ compensation process

Worker injuries and their prognosis can vary, but there are universal steps with a workers’ compensation claim that everyone must go through. The worker needs to get medical care immediately. Some might hesitate as they think they will need to pay for it out of pocket, but the insurer will pay for treatment as part of the claim.

The employer needs to be told of the injury as soon as possible. Putting the report in writing and retaining a copy can be a protective device if there is a dispute.

The employer is expected to inform the insurance provider of the injury. The injured worker’s medical care will need to be arranged and a wage verification form given to the insurer.

Once the insurance company has received the workers’ compensation claim, they will have 30 days to approve or deny it. The worker will be informed of the decision. If the claim is approved, the benefits will start in short order. A denial does not mean the case is over, however. The worker has the right to appeal.

Although people can be injured in any type of job, there are certain forms of employment that have a higher chance of injury. That includes manual labor, warehouse work, construction work and jobs in the service industry. Regardless, knowing the workers’ compensation protocol from every perspective is essential.

Injured workers should be aware of their rights

Since these cases can be complex with disputes as to the extent of the injuries and how long a person will require medical care, rehabilitation and wage coverage, it is important to have guidance. It can also be beneficial to have help from professionals who understand the process.