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Why does Workers Compensation Exist in IL?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation

The Illinois worker’s compensation Act was established in 1917 to enable injured workers a way to access three main benefits when they are hurt on the job:

  1. Payment of lost time from work when a doctor has you off or restricted.
  2. Payment for all medical benefits that are related to your injury.
  3. Payment of a settlement for the permanency of your injury.

Before 1917, injured workers had to file personal injury lawsuits against their employers and prove negligence to recover compensation for their injuries. All too often, employees were unsuccessful, and the State recognized employees and their families needed help. When the State of Illinois enacted the workers’ compensation act in 1917, it created a no-fault system, meaning employees no longer had to prove negligence against their employers. Rather, when an employee is now hurt on the job, they are automatically entitled to the three benefits mentioned above.

Shortly after the Act was passed in 1917, every employer in the State was required to obtain workers’ compensation insurance in order to pay its claims – or risk going bankrupt paying claims themselves. Over the years, the insurance industry has fought to limit the benefits to injured employees. The Act has been amended many times and over the years, injured employees have seen their rights being taken away even further. Make no mistake- it is the multi-million-dollar insurance industry fighting most workers compensation cases. It is the insurance companies that pay the time off benefits, the medical bills and ultimately the settlements. Their job of course, is to pay as little as possible and create obstacles for every injured employee to jump through.

The workers’ compensation act is very specific in its requirements and allowances. Failure to meet the requirements may result in an employee’s claim being denied. From the onset there are requirements on reporting the accident to your employer and then, which physicians you may choose. The entire landscape is full of landmines that can destroy one’s ability to get the medical care and financial benefits they deserve.

At Marker & Crannell, our attorneys will shoulder the financial burden and the stress of pursuing work accident benefits so you can concentrate on healing. We will help you find the right doctors, get compensation your entitled to while your off work, and even file an initial claim if your employer is refusing to do so. When disputes arise, our lawyers are familiar with all aspects of the system – we know the insurance adjusters, the Arbitrators (judges) and attorneys representing the employers. Our reputation is built on decades of experience. See what our clients are saying:  marker and crannell – Google Search

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