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Naperville’s Best Law Firm? We Think So, and Naperville Agrees!

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2020 | Firm News

Each year, Naperville Magazine solicits votes from our neighbors to find out who is the best in their industry. This year, 18,925 people voted for the businesses that they love. Marker & Crannell has always thought of itself as the best law firm in Naperville, and it looks like Naperville agrees…Marker & Crannell has been nominated as one of the best law firms in Naperville. The winner will be announced in Naperville Magazine’s September issue so stay tuned for updates!

What makes us the best law firm in Naperville? Our online reviews from real clients tell a story of dedication to our clients, honesty, integrity, communication, and results. In a world where lawyers are the butt of jokes, our clients prove we are new kind of law firm, and our mission is no laughing matter. We are persistent, smart, aggressive lawyers whose hearts are at least as big as our mouths. We get great results for our clients because we care about their case. We know that behind every case there is a person who is struggling through an injury. We know that when one person in a family is injured, the whole family hurts. It is our life’s work and our firm’s mission to fight for the injured person and their family so they can focus on healing.