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Car & Truck Accident Attorneys in Naperville, Illinois

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Car Accidents

Don’t settle for less. Let our attorneys do the work while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

Insurance, property damage, medical bills, time off work, rental cars, future treatment, the death of a family member…we can help. Marker & Associates has a team of trial attorneys who dedicate their careers to helping people injured in car accidents. Our lawyers help hundreds of car accident victims recover for their injuries each year.

The other driver’s insurance company and, more often than not, even your own insurance company are rarely looking out for your best interests – they are in business to make a profit. Our accident attorneys will fight hard to keep the insurance company honest and make them pay for the recovery you are entitled to.

A Free Consultation Means You Have Nothing to Lose.

There is no fee unless we recover money for you. Even if you’re not sure if you have a case, call us for free legal advice – we offer a free legal consultation by phone or in person. Don’t hesitate to call us. We enjoy meeting people from our community and learning about the facts of their case so that we can develop a plan that works for that individual. It is never a waste of our time and you are likely to walk away with a better understanding of the process if nothing else. To get you started, we have answered some of the questions that prospective clients ask most during initial consultations. Keep in mind that every case is different – the only way to make sure you are relying on qualified information about your case is to call us.

Our Attorneys Can Help!

Our Naperville attorneys represent people injured in car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, or car vs. pedestrian accidents. We take cases in Will County, DuPage County, Kane County, Kendall County, and Cook County. Our clients’ injuries range from strain/sprains to broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, herniated discs, fractured vertebrae, surgeries, paralysis, and even death. Our clients have been injured when the other driver:

  • rear-ends them
  • turns left in front of them
  • crosses over the yellow line causing a head-on collision
  • side-swipes them
  • hits them because they were on their cell phone or distracted while driving
  • pulls out in front of them
  • changes lanes without looking first
  • runs a red light
  • runs a stop sign
  • was driving drunk or intoxicated
  • causes a t-bone collision

There is so much that needs to be done to ensure you get a fair outcome on your claim; there is no one better than Marker & Crannell to deliver that justice for you. Our job starts right after the collision. In the first few weeks we can help:

  • find good doctors to take care of you
  • coordinate billing with your doctors to maximize your proceeds from the recovery and protect your interests
  • prevent critical mistakes like gaps in treatment
  • investigate the claim, determine liability, and find out the other driver’s coverage information (e.g. policy limits)
  • take pictures of damage to vehicles and injuries
  • obtain critical electronic information from the vehicles (in some cases)
  • subpoena the other driver’s cell phone records
  • determine if any photographic or video surveillance shows the crash
  • begin to compile your treatment records and bills

Our attorneys will provide valuable advice throughout every stage of your case. We want to start our relationship with you early on to make sure your case is handled properly right away. Once you have finished treating for your injury, or once it becomes clear what kind of future treatment you will need on an ongoing basis, we will:

  • compile and review all treatment records and bills
  • discuss our settlement recommendations and case valuation with you to make sure we are on the same page
  • draft a demand letter to the at-fault driver’s insurance company
  • negotiate a fair settlement -or- file a lawsuit if the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement

Even when a case is filed as a lawsuit, it will still settle 95% of the time throughout litigation. However, the only way to get a full and fair settlement on your case is to work the case up for trial. Marker & Crannell prepares every case as if it will go to trial so we are always ready if the time comes. Sometimes the only way our clients can get a fair outcome is to ask 12 jurors to hold the insurance company and defendant accountable.