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Slip and Fall - Grocery Store

Our client slipped and fell at a Bolingbrook specialty grocery store on a recently mopped floor. The store had a history of slip and fall injuries and should have known that the floors became dangerously slippery when recently mopped. Despite this, the store employee mopped behind our client while her back was turned and gave her no warning that the floor would be wet when she turned around. There were no "wet floor" signs in place, the store had no floor maintenance policies or procedures, and never trained its employees on how to properly and safely mop a floor. Our 55-year-old client slipped and fell injuring the left side of her body including a left-shoulder rotator cuff and labral tear (3 surgeries), and aggravations of the preexisting ankle (surgery), knee (surgery), back (injections), and pain conditions.

Settled: $1,000,000.00


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