Vehicle Accidents on I-88, I-55, I-355, I-80, I-90/94, I-57

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Car accidents that occur on an interstate or highway can be very different from car accidents that happen on side streets and city roads. Highway crashes often involve higher speeds, lane changes, sudden changes in traffic conditions, and semi-trucks. Our Naperville car accident attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of victims of highway auto accidents who were seriously injured because of another driver's negligence. We represent victims of car and truck accidents that occur on:

  • I-55
  • I-88
  • I-80
  • I-90
  • I-94
  • I-57
  • I-290
  • I-294
  • I-355
  • I-190

The Illinois Department of Transportation reports that there were 17,092 crashes on interstate type roads in Illinois in 2018. For the same year, Illinois reported 319,146 auto accidents; out of those collisions 67,453 caused injuries to one or more persons, and 1035 deaths were reported. Of all the factors, speed was the largest contributor to collisions and accounted for approximately 33.7% of all collisions in Illinois (36.1% of fatal crashes and 38.2% of injury crashes). 27% of fatal crashes involved alcohol. (All data obtained from 2018 IDOT "Crash Facts")

If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident or a truck accident (tractor-trailer, semi-truck, straight truck) on a highway or interstate in Illinois, we can help answer questions like:

  • Was the other driver at fault?
  • Do I have a case?
  • Do I need an attorney?
  • What is my case worth?
  • How long does a car accident or truck accident case take?
  • Who should I report the crash to?
  • Who should pay for my vehicle repairs?
  • Who should pay for my totaled car, my insurance or their insurance? (The answer is not as simple as you might think!)
  • Should I give a recorded statement to the other driver's insurance company?
  • Should I give a recorded statement to my insurance company?
  • What is med pay (PIP, no fault medical coverage, medical payments coverage) and how should I use it?
  • Who pays my medical bills after a crash?
  • Should I go to court for the other driver's ticket?
  • Should I go to the doctor?
  • What kind of doctor should I go to?

Car and truck accidents cause a wide range of injuries from bumps and bruises to death. Some injuries are brand new injuries while some are old injuries that have been aggravated by the crash. Common injuries from car accidents and truck accidents include injuries to the back (lumbar spine, thoracic spine) or the neck (cervical spine). These are often initially diagnosed as a strain/sprain or "whiplash," but after failed conservative treatment, those initial diagnoses often turn into confirmed diagnoses of herniated discs, bulging discs, facet injuries, nerve impingement, annular tears, and may involve radiculopathy like numbness, tingling, or shooting pain into the shoulders, arms, hands, fingers or buttocks, legs, feet, and toes. We also see a lot of head injuries from car crashes like concussions, post concussion syndrome, headaches, migraines, and even traumatic brain injuries. Leg and knee injuries are common from hitting the dashboard, center console, or the door and we have seen broken legs, shattered knee caps, meniscal tears, and ligament injuries. Depending on the position of the injured person's arm, shoulder injuries can be very common as well. Gripping the steering wheel tightly during an impact or having an arm on a window ledge can increase the likelihood of a shoulder injury like a rotator cuff tear, labral tear, biceps tear, or a broken arm or shoulder. We also see a lot of airbag injuries like cuts and burns to the face, arms, and torso. No matter what injuries the other driver caused, we can help you recover what you deserve.

Our lawyers offer free consultations. We can meet with you in our Naperville office, at your home, at the hospital, via Zoom, or over the phone. We will give you free legal advice about your car accident or truck accident even if you don't retain us. The lawyer you speak with during your free consultation will ask questions about your crash and give you the best free legal advice regarding what your next steps should be. We will order, pay for, and get a copy of your police report and provide you a copy of it for free...even if you don't hire us! There is no risk in getting free legal advice - you have nothing to lose by calling. There are mistakes we can help you avoid during a consultation - you have a lot to lose by trying to do it on your own without our help.

If you were injured or a family member was the victim of a fatal crash on I-55, I-88, I-90, I-94, I-57, I-290, I-294, I-355, or I-190, our Naperville car accident attorneys can help you. Our lawyers have decades of experience representing seriously injured victims of highway crashes and a long track record of success delivering verdicts and settlements to the victims and their families.

It is never too soon to consult with an attorney about your car accident or truck accident. If you were in a car accident today, you should contact a car accident attorney today. Our advice starts at day one because mistakes can be made early in a case that can have lasting effects and major problems down the road. We will order, pay for, and get a copy of your police report from the Illinois State Police (if you were injured on an Interstate in Illinois) and provide you a copy of the police report for free.

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