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Truck v. Car – Lawsuit Filed in Dupage

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2020 | Firm News

Our client had the green light and was proceeding straight through an intersection near the Oak Brook Mall. The truck driver who was attempting to turn left had a solid red arrow. It had been red for at least 3 seconds before he approached the intersection. The truck driver never stopped. He never even slowed down. Oncoming traffic, including our client, began moving, and he still didn’t press the brake. Instead he swung his big rig to the left ignoring the oncoming traffic right in front of him. He slammed into the driver’s side of our client’s car, broke her leg, and totaled her vehicle. To make matters worse, when we reached out to his insurance company to discuss settlement, they tried to say the plaintiff as 20% at fault for this collision and then made an insultingly low offer to settle.

After discussing the situation with our client we told the insurance company to pound sand. We filed a lawsuit in DuPage County because we know that if this case goes to trial, 12 smart DuPage jurors would be as enraged as we are if they tried to make that argument to them.