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drainage grate broken

Trip and Fall Lawsuit Filed in Kendall County

Marker & Crannell Aug. 11, 2020

Marker & Crannell filed a lawsuit on behalf of their client alleging that Rural King failed to keep its property safe for its customers. Our client was shopping for large equipment which is showcased around the perimeter of the parking lot at the Rural King in Plano, Illinois just off of I-55. While looking at the equipment for sale, his foot got stuck in an drainage trench with a broken grate causing serious injuries to his foot and ankle.

Among other things, Marker & Crannell is alleging that Rural King failed to maintain its premises in accordance with the International Property Maintenance Code in that it failed to maintain the parking lot to keep it free from hazardous conditions. The lawsuit alleges that Rural King knew of the dangerous condition and failed to warn its customers about it to prevent injury.